Restore Balance

Take Control of Your Muscle Health

Our Approach
  • Magnesium Balance

    Combination of two highly bioavailable forms of magnesium, providing both fuel for increased muscle performance and relaxation of tight muscles.

  • Vitamin D-K2 Balance

    For optimal calcium absorption. Vitamin D3 helps to absorb calcium, vitamin K2 directs calcium into teeth and bones while vitamin A helps the body to excrete excess calcium.

  • Mitochondria Balance

    Specifically formulated to provide key nutrients and cofactors that have been shown in studies to restore mitochondrial function, repair key structural components, and protect them from further damage.

What Our Amazing Customers Are Saying

When I started taking the supplements, I began to feel more energized. I used to wake up feeling fatigue and exhausted and dreaming of my afternoon nap to help me get through the day. Now I feel this burst of energy (mentally), which helps me feel motivated and happy as a result.  I find myself in a better mood/mindset to get things done and to be more involved in many aspects of my life. I used to walk around like a zombie chugging too many cups of coffee and still feeling drained. Now I feel alive. I know it sounds petty but for someone like me it has been life changing after so many years feeling exhausted all the time.

I used to get terrible cramping when training hard and competing in cycling races. Since I’ve been taking Myolibria supplements the terrible cramping in my legs has stopped. Nothing else worked and finally I can train as hard as I want to without worrying about cramps or muscle pain noticeably quicker.

I have been using the Myolibria supplements for the last 2 years. I am a competitive runner (and coach) and have noticed a significant improvement in my recovery from hard workouts and performance in races. I recommend these products to all of my coaching clients so they can train harder and perform better.